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What is Luxembourg life insurance?

Life insurance in Luxembourg is similar to life insurance in France but has additional benefits that attract many investors. These high-end policies aim to diversify assets within a single tax framework.

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Why take out a life insurance policy through WSI Conseil?

Unbiased advice

Our independence is the best guarantee for our customers in the decisions and advice we provide

Very competitive fees
No upfront fees
No fees on deposits
No cancellation fees
Satisfactory performance
Our independence allows us to freely select the best managers and to perform well over time
A comprehensive offering
We offer a complete package and represent 6 major Luxembourg insurers and a number of management companies
Individual customer support

Each customer receives direct support from one of the founding partners of the organisation who has a great deal of experience in financial management

Long-lasting support

We are not employees, but shareholders of our organisation and we have a commitment to go above and beyond for our customers

Why is Luxembourg ideal for investing in 2024 ?

Better protection

Luxembourg life insurance offers a high level of security and protection for the money invested.
In Luxembourg, the insurance creditor benefits from something called “super privilege”, which means that they are a first ranking creditor. The customer’s money is deposited in a bank outside of the insurance company.

Excellent diversification

Luxembourg life insurance offers great diversification starting with the choice of currency of the policy, which may be different from the Euro.
Luxembourg life insurance offers great diversification starting with the choice of currency of the policy, which may be different from the Euro.

Tax neutrality

A policyholder who is not a Luxembourg resident taking out a Luxembourg life insurance policy will benefit from tax neutrality in Luxembourg. This means that no tax will be due in Luxembourg.
Luxembourg life insurance is very popular with expatriates as it allows you to not be taxed twice.

Complete availability

Your savings remain available whatever the market conditions in Luxembourg. The State of Luxembourg cannot stop withdrawals.
The Sapin II law was not voted in Luxembourg, but it was in France. The State of Luxembourg cannot stop withdrawals as could be the case in France through the Sapin II law.

Past performance in a management mandate by investor profile

Performance is calculated after management fees are deducted. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The selected funds within the life insurance policies are subject to market fluctuations and no guarantees can be given on their performance or their future developments.

We work on an open-architecture basis and select the best funds from a large number of management companies:

We are dedicated to managing your policy

Skills and expertise are required daily. These allow us to advise you in your best interests, using all the market opportunities, in a changing economic and fiscal environment. Our tailor-made approach to wealth management consulting is based on listening to you and analysing your needs in depth. It is based on a requirement of integrity and a principle of total objectivity.

Ivan Wallaert

Ivan has 20 years of financial experience including 10 years in equity sales at Crédit Agricole Indosuez and 10 years in wealth management at Bank Neuflize and at the insurance company Allianz.

Ivan graduated from ESCP Business School in Heritage Management in 2010.

Christophe Simmon

Christophe has 20 years of experience in finance, a large part of which was at Arthur Andersen LLP in the health insurance division. He was responsible for auditing listed investment funds and later worked at UBS as a risk manager.

Christophe graduated from ESCP Business School in Heritage Management in 2010.

Which insurer do you want to take out your policy with in 2024?

WSI Conseil has selected some of the best life insurance companies offering investments in Luxembourg.

How does “super privilege” work under Luxembourg law?

When comparing life insurance in Luxembourg to life insurance in France, it plays a prominent role. “Super privilege” offers great security. It allows the policyholder of a Luxembourg life insurance policy to be a first ranking creditor in case of default of the insurance company. Therefore, in the event of a crisis, the client who has taken out a life insurance policy under Luxembourg law will be the first of the creditors to get their money back, up to 100%.

This major advantage is made possible by an organisation of banking and financial institutions specific to Luxembourg.

Luxembourg insurance companies have an obligation to separate their own funds, the assets of their shareholders, and assets belonging to their clients. They deposit the sums of money placed by savers with approved depositary banks.
The so-called “triangle of security” protection system allows the creditor to be reimbursed for the full amount of their investment if the insurer goes bankrupt. This is a key difference between the French and Luxembourg life insurance policies. If you have a French life insurance policy and your insurance company goes bankrupt, the policyholder will only receive a maximum reimbursement of €70,000.

What is Luxembourg life insurance?

The principle of the Luxembourg life insurance policy is identical to that of a French one. In return for sums of money (premiums) paid into the policy by the policyholder, an insurer agrees to pay a capital sum to a person previously designated in the beneficiary clause upon the death of the policyholder.

The “Triangle of Security”

Luxembourg law has established a strict system to protect invested capital. It helps make Luxembourg life insurance a secure means of financial investment. The matching contribution in the contract can be made by a single initial payment when taking out the policy and also by additional payments thereafter. Contribution in securities is also possible (listed or unlisted securities). This advantage is specific to the Luxembourg law policy and very popular with the policyholders. It is a “tailor-made” policy with features that can be adapted according to the policyholder’s country of origin or their host country if they are an expatriate. The duration of the policy is most often unlimited, meaning a lifetime.

However, a fixed term may be mentioned in the policy. The currency is your choice. It is possible to take out a policy in a foreign currency, the one that will be used for purchases, transfers, and transmissions to beneficiaries. It is a great advantage for expatriates who do not want to be exposed to currency risk. The most represented currencies are the euro, dollar, Swiss franc, and British pound.

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